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eggersmann küchen

Eggersmann är ett av de allra finaste fabrikaten bland de tyska kökstillverkarna.

eggersmann has produced individual tailor-made solutions for aesthetic and luxurious kitchen furniture for more than a hundred years. We are committed to perfection and timeless elegance. Our continuous development is based on the research for innovations, the use of the most advanced manufacturing technologies and the fosterage of the traditional craft. We consider the sustainability of our kitchen systems as an important challenge.

eggersmann manufactures valuable unique pieces for sophisticated people.

E 3.0 och Unique

The focus of our product development is on contemporary and modern design. The name UNIQUE really says it all. The focus is on individuality and also exceptional and exquisite materials


The concept of the work's is based on the vision of a kitchen "workshop" that places emphasis on the functionality in addition to aesthetics and design

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